Battle Royale: Blue Apron vs. Hello Fresh vs. Sun Basket

After moving into our apartment nearly three months ago, Allie and I quickly realized that we should be cooking more, and not living off of UberEATS and Annie’s Mac & Cheese (the white cheddar with shells, obviously). Rather than looking online for recipes, we quickly succumbed to the laziness and started researching the different food services available to us. Between Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Peach Dish, Green Chef, Plated, Freshly, and a dozen others, we realized that we needed to do a bit more research before choosing which one was right for us. We finally settled Continue reading Battle Royale: Blue Apron vs. Hello Fresh vs. Sun Basket

San Francisco Tourist Day

It’s official: I’m moving to Seattle June 17th! After living in downtown San Francisco for a year and being a SF Bay Area native, I’m heading on up to Seattle to move-in with my girlfriend and to be closer to family. Before we left San Francisco, we each had a list of the top places we wanted to go, and went ahead to plan the ultimate San Francisco tourist day! Stop 1: San Francisco Cable Cars Built in the late 1800’s, the cable cars are arguably one of the most recognizable icons of San Francisco, apart from the Golden Gate bridge. The Continue reading San Francisco Tourist Day

SF Bay Area Brew Festival 2017

Immediately after the Oktoberfest event ended, I began searching for the next big beer festival in San Francisco. After spending a full 30 seconds of this tough research project of mine, I set my eyes upon the Bay Area Brew Festival. While the event didn’t start until March, it gave me something to really look forward to. Fast forward six months and Hannah, Hayley, Kevin, and I are all standing at the entrance to Pier 35, where nearly 70 different craft breweries awaited to be discovered. Upon walking in, we were handed our 5 oz tasting mug and unleashed upon the Continue reading SF Bay Area Brew Festival 2017

3 Month Recap

It’s been over 3 months since my last post. I’ve actually had several people ask why I haven’t posted anything lately.. which is shocking because I thought it was just my mom who read this blog. Below are some of my highlights over the past few months. Enjoy! Ice Skating at Union Square I had the opportunity to go ice skating with Allie at Union Square in San Francisco! I had a really cool experience (pun intended) and definitely plan on doing this again in the future. When I was younger, my sister and I would rollerblade around our kitchen floor for hours Continue reading 3 Month Recap

Day Trip to Angel Island

Day Trip to Angel Island 9 AM: *buzz* I roll over in bed and pass back out 9:45 AM: *buzz* I brave the harsh environment that is my cold studio apartment and get up to grab my phone. Griff is texting me about going to Angel Island.. and I have one hour from now to make it across town in a 20 minute Uber ride. I’m also extremely hungover. Today is off to a great start.. I run to my fridge and grab a Coors, and pound that while singing some random T Swift song in the shower. I’m out Continue reading Day Trip to Angel Island

The Biggest Sports Fan

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am addicted to baseball, but fairly impartial to anything else. But San Francisco is slowly changing me. I’ve started doing things like yoga, and now I’m going to football and soccer games! In just a span of two weeks, I attended 2 Giants games, 1 Earthquakes game, and 1 Raiders game. Pretty awesome! Check out each of these events in my latest blog post and see why I am now the biggest sports fan ever! Oakland Raiders v. Atlanta Falcons As someone who identifies as a man (this is San Francisco after all), I have Continue reading The Biggest Sports Fan

San Francisco Oktoberfest 2016

Oktoberfest by the Bay The Oktoberfest in Munich has always been something I’ve dreamed of going to. While I’m still waiting to go there, I did have my first taste of the event last year in Monterey, California. From there, I made it my goal to go to the event in San Francisco the following year, but little did I know that not only would I be attending this event with some of my favorite people, I would also be living in SF at the time! Fast forward to the event, my friends Yannic, Kyle, and Dominique all drove up to Continue reading San Francisco Oktoberfest 2016

How to Rank Under Your Own Name

How To Rank Under Your Own Name in Google We all Google ourselves from time to time. There’s no real rhyme or reason, other than curiosity itself. When I originally bought my own domain name,, I decided to make a personal blog out of it. I was lucky enough to already have a (small) background in SEO, with an additional 1.5 years of experience in WordPress. This post outlines my experience and will show you how to rank under your own name in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). To be perfectly clear, to anyone that understands SEO in the Continue reading How to Rank Under Your Own Name

Free Food with Amazon Fresh

After nearing the end of my food stock (bread, hot dog buns, cheese, etc.), I decided to try one of the many food delivery services available in San Francisco: Amazon Fresh. Throughout college, I frequently used Amazon Pantry as a way to stay in the comfort of my apartment, but also receiving my frequent shipments of food. Who wants to drive 5 minutes to grocery anyways? After my terrible Google Express experience two weeks prior, I was skeptic about this service. And as it turns out, I had every right to be. After placing my order on Friday evening, I Continue reading Free Food with Amazon Fresh

How to Become a Professional Chef in One Weekend

Anyone that knows me fairly well, knows that my diet mainly consists of: PB&J, bologna sandwiches, grilled cheese, mac and cheese (Kraft only), hot dogs, and McDoubles from McD’s. This incredibly healthy diet has been the key to my survival over the past few years since cooking has never been one of my strong suits. Then again, I’ve never really put too much effort into it…. until now! I went to Target and bought some materials I was going to cook my first meal and then made the long, arduous 4-block journey back to my apartment (city living is SO tough). Continue reading How to Become a Professional Chef in One Weekend